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Screening Room: Jonas Mekas

EE.UU.| Documental / Experimental| 1981|74 minutos
Título original: Screening Room: Jonas Mekas
Dirección: Robert Gardner, Jonas Mekas
Intérpretes: Robert Gardner, Jonas Mekas
Idioma: Inglés Subtítulos: No
Formato: DVD-R

Legendario episodio del programa Screening Room, en el que Robert Gardner entrevista Jonas Mekas. En el mismo se exhiben y discuten trabajos de Bruce Baillie, Stan Brakhage, Ernie Gehr, Joseph Cornell, Marie Menken, Dwinell Grant y del propio Mekas


Jonas Mekas - filmmaker, film critic, archivist, poet, lecturer and curator - is one of the leading figures of American avant-garde film and video. Born in Lithuania, he immigrated to New York in 1949 after spending time in Nazi forced labor camps and displaced persons camps. In addition to his many narrative and diary films that have screened extensively at festivals and museums around the world, he has worked as editor-in-chief of Film Culture, movie critic for the Village Voice and co-founder of Anthology Film Archives, one of the world's largest and most important repositories of avant-garde films.

Jonas Mekas visited Screening Room in October 1981 to discuss the film preservation efforts of Anthology Film Archives and show and discuss his own work as well as films by other filmmakers, including Bruce Baillie, Maya Deren, and Joseph Cornell:

• All My Life by Bruce Baillie (full film, 2:35)
• Moth Light by Stan Brakhage (full film, 3:13)
• Eureka by Ernie Gehr (excerpt, 1:23)
• Midnight Party by Joseph Cornell (full film, 3:08)
• Notebook by Marie Menken (full film with commentary, 10:38)
• Paradise Not Yet Lost by Jonas Mekas (excerpt, 9:35)
• Choreography for Camera by Maya Deren (full film, 2:15)
• Choreography for Camera Outtakes by Maya Deren (footage with commentary, 4:56)
• Color Sequence by Dwinell Grant (full film, 1:58)