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The Quay Brothers: Collected Short Films

EE.UU.| Animación / Experimental / Cortometraje| 1984-2015|225 minutos
Título original: The Quay Brothers: Collected Short Films
Dirección: Stephen Quay, Timothy Quay, Christopher Nolan
Idioma: Inglés Subtítulos:
Formato: Blu-Ray

Since the late 1970s, identical twins Stephen and Timothy Quay have been creating their unique blend of puppetry and stop-motion animation, and have, in the process, spawned an enormous cult following. The Quays display a passion for detail, a breathtaking command of color and texture, and an uncanny use of focus and camera movement that make their films unique and instantly recognizable. Best known for their classic 1986 film Street of Crocodiles which filmmaker Terry Gilliam selected as one of the ten best animated films of all time they are masters of miniaturization and on their tiny sets have created an unforgettable world, suggestive of a landscape of long-repressed childhood dreams. 

This new Blu-ray collection of fifteen of the Quays films allows us to see their work in all its astonishing detail and ravaged beauty. The collection also includes a remarkable new short film by Christopher Nolan, a long-time fan of the Quays, as well as audio commentaries on six of the films and a 30-page booklet with an introduction by Nolan, an updated essay by film critic Michael Atkinson and an extensive Quay Brothers Dictionary. 

All films are presented in the highest possible quality from film-to-digital transfers made under the personal supervision of the Quay Brothers. 

Includes the films: 

  • The Cabinet of Jan vankmajer (1984, 14 mins) 
  • This Unnameable Little Broom (or The Epic of Gilgamesh) (1985, 11 mins)*
  • Street of Crocodiles (1986, 21 mins)*
  • Rehearsals for Extinct Anatomies (1988, 14 mins) 
  • Stille Nacht I - Dramolet (1988, 1 min)*
  • The Comb (1990, 18 mins) 
  • Anamoprhosis (1991, 14 mins) 
  • Stille Nacht II (Are We Still Married?) (1992, 3 mins)* 
  • Stille Nacht III (Tales from Vienna Woods) (1993, 4 mins)* 
  • Stille Nacht IV (Can't Go Wrong Without You) (1994, 4 mins) 
  • In Absentia (2000, 20 mins)* 
  • The Phantom Museum (2003, 12 mins) 
  • Maska (2010, 24 mins)**
  • Through the Weeping Glass (2011, 31 mins)**
  • Unmistaken Hands (2013, 26 mins)**
  • and
  • Quay a film by Christopher Nolan (2015, 8 mins)**

*Includes Quay Brothers Audio Commentary
**Not in the previously available Quay DVD collection

Total running time: 225 minutes.