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We Can't Go Home Again (1976) + Don't Expect Too Much

EE.UU.| Experimental| 1976-2011|93 minutos
Título original: We Can't Go Home Again (1976) + Don't Expect Too Much
Dirección: Nicholas Ray
Intérpretes: Nicholas Ray, Richie Bock, Leslie Levinson, Tom Farrell, Danny Fisher, Jill Gannon, Jane Heymann, Stanley Liu, Luke Oberle, Ned Weisman, Phil Weisman
Idioma: Inglés Subtítulos: Inglés
Formato: Blu-Ray

Versión remasterizada del último largometraje de Nicholas Ray, realizado junto a estudiantes de la State University of New York.

Incluye como extras:

  • Don't Expect Too Much (2011), documental dirigido por Susan Ray, viuda de director.
  • Extended Interview - Jim Jarmusch (18:31): Featured sporadically throughout Don't Expect Too Much, wild-haired indie filmmaker Jim Jarmusch—who wasn't at Harpur, but served as Ray's assistant at NYU—gets to speak at length here about his time with Ray, who offered him some strategic guidance during the making of his first film.
  • Extended Interview - Bernard Eisenschitz (19:21): Biographer Bernard Eisenschitz discusses Ray's place in Hollywood, the arc of his career, and how We Can't Go Home Again fits the continuity of his oeuvre.
  • Camera Three - Profile of Nicholas Ray (28:51): A half-hour 1977 CBS interview with Ray, who fields questions about his career.
  • Marco Rushes (28:36): Footage from a separate instructional film project—featuring a criminal interviewed by two cops—that Ray undertook with his students at The Lee Strasberg Institute.
  • About Marco (9:39): Claudio Mazzatenta, the star of Marco, and Gerry Bamman—director, actor, and one of Ray's teaching associates—discuss working with the iconic filmmaker.
  • The Janitor (12:11): Ray directed—and is featured in—this episode of Wet Dreams, an omnibus film produced by Max Fischer in 1974. Ray plays the titular janitor as well as some sort of—I dunno—cult leader? At an orgy. Or, something. Honestly, I'm not sure what's going on here, except that Ray's character gets fellated by a series of women.


Película experimental, rodada en todo tipo de formatos, en la que el propio cineasta es un personaje: Nick, un viejo y famoso director de Hollywood que imparte clases de cine en una universidad, vive en una permanente búsqueda de sí mismo. El viejo director recluta a sus discípulos, en los que ve reflejados sus propios anhelos, pero, finalmente, como en la fábula del escorpión y la rana, los traiciona.