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Screening Room: Derek Lamb

EE.UU.| Animación / Experimental / Entrevista| 1973-1975|0 minutos
Título original: Screening Room: Derek Lamb
Dirección: Robert Gardner, Derek Lamb
Intérpretes: Robert Gardner, Derek Lamb
Idioma: Inglés Subtítulos: No
Formato: DVD-R

Las dos apariciones del animador experimental Derek Lamb en el programa de Robert Gardner (1973 y 1975).

Derek Lamb appeared on Screening Room in June 1973 with over a dozen films and film clips that demonstrated a wide range of animation techniques, including The Rocket, The Great Toy Robbery, I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, Housemoving, and The Shepherd. In September 1975, Lamb returned to the program to screen and discuss the films The Last Cartoon Man and The Psychic Parrot.

This disc has the extra Derek Lamb visits Robert Gardner in 2005 (audio/slide show, 28 min).

Over the course of a remarkable career spanning more than four decades, Derek Lamb contributed to over two hundred film and video productions as director, producer, animator, composer, and even as a singer. His film credits include the Academy Award-winning shorts Special Delivery and Every Child, as well as The Sweater, Why Me, The Great Toy Robbery, Karate Kids and The Shepherd. He is also known for animating the opening credits for the PBS series Mystery!. He taught animation at Harvard and McGill Universities and at the National Institute of Design in India.