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Screening Room: Robert Fulton 1973

EE.UU.| Experimental / Televisión| 1973|83 minutos
Título original: Screening Room: Robert Fulton 1973
Dirección: Robert Gardner, Robert Fulton
Intérpretes: Robert Gardner, Robert Fulton
Idioma: Inglés Subtítulos: No
Formato: DVD-R

Robert Fulton was an extraordinary non-fiction filmmaker and gifted aerial cinematographer who left a legacy of remarkable films shot all over the world. He was an exceptional pilot, a devout Buddhist and a brilliant independent thinker and talker. He taught for a time in Harvard's Visual and Environmental Studies Department and worked closely with Robert Gardner on large and small projects over several decades. He won many awards, including an Emmy for work in television. Fulton died in a private airplane crash in 2002 whereupon Harvard Film Study Center established the Robert E. Fulton III Fund for new filmmakers in memorium.

“Robert Fulton is an artist of rare complexity and depth. One uses the term 'artist' for Fulton only for lack of a better word. Germans might call Fulton a LebenskYnstler, a "life artist," because his real art form is his own life not just his enigmatic, stubbornly mute photographs, his lyrical aerial cinematography, his labyrinthine films, his dense, defiantly poetic and resolutely metaphysical prose. Fulton is a juggler and a combiner, combining ideas and images that don't really belong together into new definitions of what may well belong together.” — Lito Tejada-Flores, Author

Robert Fulton appeared on Screening Room in April 1973, and returned in April 1979. In this episode, he screened:

Machu Pichu (full film)
Reality's Invisible (full film, in three segments).