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The Work of Director Michel Gondry

Francia / EE.UU. / Reino Unido| Documental / Videoclips| 2003|238 minutos
Título original: The Work of Director Michel Gondry
Dirección: Michel Gondry
Intérpretes: Björk, The White Stripes, Kylie Minogue, Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, The Rolling Stones, Oui Oui, Michel Gondry
Idioma: Inglés/Francés Subtítulos: No
Formato: DVD-R [2 discos]

Antología de dos discos de videoclips, cortometrajes, documentales y publicidades del gran realizador Michel Gondry. Incluye:


  • "The Hardest Button To Button" THE WHITE STRIPES
  • "Come Into My World" KYLIE MINOGUE
  • "Dead Leaves & The Dirty Ground" THE WHITE STRIPES
  • "Fell In Love With A Girl" THE WHITE STRIPES
  • "Joga" BJORK
  • "Deadweight" BJORK
  • "Bachelorette" BJORK
  • "Everlong" FOO FIGHTERS
  • "Around The World" DAFT PUNK
  • "Sugar Water" CIBO MATTO
  • "Hyperballad" BJORK
  • "Like A Rolling Stone" THE ROLLING STONES
  • "Army Of Me" BJORK
  • "Isobel" BJORK
  • "Protection" MASSIVE ATTACK
  • "Lucas With The Lid Off" LUCAS
  • "Human Behavior" BJORK
  • "Le Mia" I AM
  • "La Tour De Pise" JEAN FRANCOIS COEN
  • "Ma Maison" OUI OUI
  • "Bolide" OUI OUI
  • "Junior Et Sa Voix D'Or" OUI OUI
  • "Les Cailloux" OUI OUI
  • "Un Joyeux Noel" OUI OUI
  • "La Ville" OUI OUI


  • I've Been 12 Forever (Part 1 Age 12-12)
  • I've Been 12 Forever (part 2 Age 12-12) A 75 minute film, including interviews with Michel, the artists and collaborators, as well as extensive behind the scenes footage, drawings and storyboards.

Stories & Things:

  • Intro
  • La Lettre (Short film)
  • One Day (Short film)
  • Laguna Inc (Short film)
  • Drugsstore (Levi's commercial)
  • Smarienberg (Smirnoff commercial)
  • Resignation (Polaroid commercial)
  • Drumb and Drumber (Short film)
  • Pecan Pie (Short film featuring Jim Carrey)
  • Three Dead People (Animation)
  • My Brother's 24th Birthday (Short film)
  • Tiny (Animation)
  • Oui Oui live concert footage
  • The Work of Director Spike Jonze (Trailer)
  • The Work of Director Chris Cunningham (Trailer)
  • Credits & thanks