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Saved From The Flames: 54 Rare and Restored Films

Francia| Cortometraje| 2008|410 minutos
Título original: Saved From The Flames: 54 Rare and Restored Films (1896-1944)
Dirección: Mack Sennett, D. W. Griffith, Chuck Jones, Ub Iwerks, Thomas Ince, George Melies, Louis Lumiere, etc
Intérpretes: Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Django Reinhardt
Idioma: Silente Subtítulos: Inglés
Formato: DVD-R [3 discos]
Impresionante recopilatorio de rarezas cinematográficas rescatadas de copias de nitrato inflamable. Consta de 54 cortometrajes que contabilizan más de 7 horas de obras. Incluye: DISC ONE NEW BEGINNINGS: Seven films including the early cinematic experiments of Lumière, Georges Mendel and others, featuring Cyrano De Bergerac from 1900, believed to be the first color and sound film. MAGICAL MOVIES: Five early fantasy and trick films, including a previously-unseen trick film by Georges Méliès, hand-colored films from Segundo de Chomon and Gaston Velle, and astonishing stop-motion animation from 1911. SEEING THE WORLD: Among the ten films in this section: A transatlantic crossing in a Zeppelin dirigible, a stencil-colored trek through the Belgian Congo in 1925, Parisian street kids in Montmartre during the first World War, a 1916 visit to Los Angeles, 1927 sound film of Charles Lindbergh embarking on his New York-Paris flight, an early 1930s portrait of New York’s Coney Island, and a film promoting Josephine Baker’s revue at the Folies-Bergère. DISC TWO LAUGHING LIKE WE USED TO: Seven comedies, including four restored from turn of the century Italy and France, a recently-discovered nitrate negative of Chaplin’s first appearance in his “tramp” attire, a frenetic Mack Sennett gag fest with tin lizzies galore, and The Pest, starring an early Stan Laurel (before Hardy). DRAWINGS AND MODELS: Six works of animation: Gaumont’s Fantasmagorie (1908), three cartoons from the Fleischer Studios – Cartoon Factory (1924), Ain’t She Sweet (1932), and Play Safe (1936) – Ub Iwerks' Balloonland (1935) featuring a new color restoration made from the original negatives, and a filmed performance by puppetry pioneer Tony Sarg. GRACE NOTES: Rare musical performances: Django Reinhardt with Stéphane Grapelli and the Quintet of the Hot Club of France, Duke Ellington and the Cotton Club Orchestra, Louis Armstrong, and the Utica Jubilee Singers. DISC THREE PERSUADE ME: Eleven films designed to influence, including vintage promotional films featuring Laurel & Hardy (dubbed in French), Michel Simon and Jacques Tati, puppet animation by George Pal, three WW-II era musical shorts, two political campaign films, and Master Hands, a paean to the 1936 Chevrolet, selected for the National Film Registry. TELL ME A STORY: Narratives from 1912-1913 by D.W. Griffith (For His Son), Lois Weber (Suspense), and Thomas Ince (The Heart of an Indian), all mastered from beautiful 35 mm film elements.