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The Hubley Collection Volume 2 (1968-1995)

EE.UU.. Animación/Erótico. 99 minutos
Título Original: The Hubley Collection Volume 2
Director: John Hubley, Faith Hubley
Formato: DVD  Calidad: DVD
Idioma: Inglés   Subtítulos: No

Antología de obras de John Hubley y Faith Hubley. Incluye:

  • Seers and Clowns (1994)
  • Sky Dance (1979)
  • Cockaboody (1973)
  • Hello (1984)
  • Step by Step (1978)
  • Rainbows of Hawai'i (1995)
  • The Big Bang and Other Creation Myths (1981)
  • Zuckerkandl (1968)
  • Whither Weather (1977)
  • Her Grandmother's Gift (1995)

The second volume in this three-disc set exploration of the work of the Hubley Studio showcases the films of two generations of animators. Based on a book by former Chicago University president Robert Maynard Hutchins (who also serves as the film's narrator), the relatively little known "Zuckerandl!" (1968) satirizes the pomposity of academic presentations. The imaginary philosopher Alexander Zuckerandl propounds the theory that the aim of all life is to get through it without sensation and therefore without pain. Words and images combine to satirize the folly of a life not only unexamined but unlived. "Cockaboody" (1973) offers some charming animation of the stylized figures of two little sisters as they play and argue through their bedroom and bathroom. When the younger sister throws a temper tantrum, it appears as a cloudy, threatening monster. In "Hello" (1984), three semi-abstract extraterrestrial musicians embark on a mission to Earth, sending bubbles containing messages of peace to the planet's inhabitants. "Her Grandmother's Gift" (1995) examines the changing ways in which women present information to their daughters about their bodies and the emotional resonance found in an increased honesty. --Charles Solomon