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Diary 1973-1983 (1973-1983)

Israel. Experimental. 312 minutos
Título Original: Diary
Director: David Perlov
Intérpretes: David Perlov, Mira Perlov, Yael Perlov, Neomi Perlov, Klaus Kinski
Formato: DVD  [6 discos] Calidad: DVD
Idioma: Hebreo   Subtítulos: Español

Shot over a ten-year period, Diary is not only the political, professional, and personal diary of a man, but is a testimony on the turbulent reality of a war-torn country, Israel. In six chapters, Perlov travels to Tel Aviv, Paris, London, and finally to Brazil, where he was born. The film is also a family diary in which Perlov records the coming of age of his two daughters, Yael and Naomi.