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Visions of Light: The Art of Cinematography (1992)

EE.UU.. Documental. 92 minutos
Título Original: Visions of Light: The Art of Cinematography
Director: Arnold Glassman, Todd McCarthy, Stuart Samuels
Intérpretes: Néstor Almendros, Vilmos Zsigmond, Caleb Deschanel, László Kovács, Frederick Elmes
Formato: DVD  Calidad: DVD
Idioma: Inglés   Subtítulos: Español
Subgénero: Historia del cine

Produced in conjunction with the American Film Institute and the American Society of Cinematographers, Visions of Light is an unprecedented look at the evolution of motion picture photography. In addition to interviews with twenty-six leading directors of photography who discuss their influences and relate anecdotes about their work, Visions of Light contains 125 remarkable clips chronicling the changing role of the cinematographer.

Informative, entertaining and even inspirational, Visions of Light traces cinematography from its beginnings, before Griffith, through the influences of sound technology, color, Citizen Kane, film noir, and Cinemascope, into contemporary film making where the Directors of Photogrpahy are relentless in their experimentation with new ideas and special effects