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Korea: Battleground for Liberty (1959)

EE.UU.. Documental. 46 minutos
Título Original: Korea: Battleground for Liberty
Director: John Ford
Formato: DVD  Calidad: VHSRip
Idioma: Inglés   Subtítulos: No

Rareza nunca editada oficialmente: documental sobre la Guerra de Corea, encargada por el Departamento de Defensa a John Ford.

Ford went to Korea on temporary active duty in the navy from April 15 through May 9, 1959, to make a 16mm film to orient U.S. soldiers there and encourage them to befriend Koreans. An American sergeant (Mark Tapschott, who went on to appear in a hundred tv shows) tells how his partner
Sgt. Kim (Choi Moo Ryong, who went on to appear in 274 Korean movies)helped him overcome his initial fears and suspicions — with help from Kim's sister (Kim Ji-Mee who went on to becomes "the Elizabeth Taylor of Korea" in 372 films).  

At the center of the 46-minute film is a seven minute community council meeting so tedious that it was perhaps not directed by Ford but by Lt. Cmdr. Eric Strutt, USN. Elsewhere family and village scenes, war footage, barracks events, farm and city and vacation spots, and of course a parade are engaging and more inventive.