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Sherlock Holmes (1916)

Reino Unido. Aventuras/Misterio. 117 minutos
Título Original: Sherlock Holmes
Director: Arthur Berthelet
Intérpretes: William Gillette, Marjorie Kay, Ernest Maupain
Formato: Blu-Ray  Calidad: Blu-ray
Idioma: Silente   Subtítulos: Inglés (Intertítulos)
Subgénero: Sherlock Holmes, Detectives

El Santo Grial de los films de Sherlock Holmes, considerado perdido durante casi un siglo. Protagonizado por William Gillette, legendario actor autorizado por el propio Arthur Conan Doyle para interpretar al icónico personaje en el teatro.

La presente edición en Blu-Ray es de las más notables jamás lanzadas y cuenta con múltiples bonus muy destacados. 

Sinopsis: Long considered lost until a complete dupe negative was identified in the vaults of La Cinémathèque française last year, this William Gillette film is a vital missing link in the history of Sherlock Holmes on screen. By the time it was produced at Essanay Studios in 1916, Gillette had been established as the world’s foremost interpreter of Holmes on stage—having played him approximately 1300 times since his 1899 debut. This newly-restored edition, thanks to the monumental efforts of both the San Francisco Silent Film Festival and La Cinémathèque française, represents the sole surviving appearance of Gillette’s Holmes on film.


  • From Lost to Found: Restoring William Gillette's Sherlock Holmes, presented by film restorer Robert Byrne at the 2015 San Francisco Silent Film Festival (2015, 24 min.)
  • Sherlock Holmes Baffled: courtesy of the Library of Congress and presented in HD, this is the earliest known film to feature the character of Sherlock Holmes (1900, 1 min.)
  • A Canine Sherlock: from the EYE Film Institute, the film stars Spot the Dog as the titular character (1912, 15 min.)
  • Più forte che Sherlock Holmes: also from the EYE Film Institute, this entertaining Italian trick-film owes as much to Méliès as it does to Doyle (1913, 7 min.)
  • Late Conan Doyle Talks to You About the Beyond: interview with Arthur Conan Doyle from the Fox Movietone Collection (1928, 12 min.)
  • Sherlock Holmes Turns Engineer: outtakes from a 1930 newsreel with William Gillette showing off his amateur railroad (1930, 6 min.)
  • Promotional Photograph Gallery (1899, 6 images, 30 sec.)
  • Lobby cards and Flyer Gallery (1916, 10 images, 1 min.)