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David Holzman's Diary (1967)

EE.UU.. Drama/Comedia/Experimental. 74 minutos
Título Original: David Holzman's Diary
Director: Jim McBride
Intérpretes: L.M. Kit Carson, Penny Wohl, Louise Levine, Fern McBride, Eileen Dietz, Robert Lesser, Jack Baran, Mike Levine
Formato: Blu-Ray  Calidad: Blu-ray
Idioma: Inglés   Subtítulos: Español
Subgénero: Mockumentary

Un director amateur atormentado registra su vida durante una semana. La inestable relación con su pareja, sus impulsos voyeristas y sus tentativas vanguardistas con la cámara conforman un ácido autorretrato. Obra seminal del documental en primera persona y de la estética del fracaso.

Incluye como extras:

  • My Girlfriend's Wedding (1080p, 63 min.): In 1969, McBride followed up Diary with a film that, in many ways, is its opposite. Where Diary is a faux-documentary that seems real, My Girlfriend's Wedding is a genuinely real account that's almost too hard to believe. Most of the film consists of long interviews with McBride's English girlfriend, Clarissa Ainley, who describes her troubled past, her thoughts on the counterculture "revolution," and her ploy to marry another man in order to stay in America. (I was confused at first as to why she couldn't simply marry McBride, but after some internet sleuthing, I discovered he was still married to, but separated from, his wife at the time.)
  • Pictures from Life's Other Side (1080p, 45 min.): A loose sequel to Wedding, 1971's Pictures charts McBride and a pregnant Ainley's cross-country journey to Los Angeles, where they hope to make a new home. It's a road movie with frank sexuality, interesting family dynamics, and plenty of Americana scenery.
  • My Son's Wedding to My Sister-in-law (1080i, 9 min.): In 2008, McBride made this short film about the complicated web that is his extended family.