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The Very Thought of You (1944)

EE.UU.. Drama/Romance. 99 minutos
Título Original: The Very Thought of You
Director: Delmer Daves
Intérpretes: Dennis Morgan, Eleanor Parker, Dane Clark
Formato: DVD  Calidad: TVRip
Idioma: Inglés   Subtítulos: No

No editada oficialmente, esta edición corresponde a su emisión original en el canal TCM USA.

SYNOPSIS: After eighteen months in the Aleutian Islands, a group of soldiers, including Dave Stewart and his friend, "Fixit" Gilman, are sent home for a brief rest. On a three-day pass, Dave and Fixit visit Dave's alma mater, the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. Fixit is only interested in meeting women and, on the bus there, picks up Cora Colton, a worker in a parachute factory. Dave meets Janet Wheeler, another factory worker, who recognizes him from the days when she worked in the Cal Tech campus canteen. Because Dave knows no one in town, Janet invites him to dinner. During the evening, Janet's brother Cal becomes defensive about his 4-F classification, while her sister Molly, who is married to a sailor, admits that she has been dating other men while he is overseas. Janet's mother disapproves of her dating soldiers and is very rude to Dave. Only Janet's younger sister Ellie and her father are pleasant to Dave, so he leaves early. The next day, Ellie spots Dave eating breakfast in the drugstore and rushes home to fetch Janet. Dave has rented a car and asks Janet to accompany him to Mt. Wilson. They return late, having missed Thanksgiving dinner, and spend the rest of the evening in Cora's apartment. Fixit takes Cora dancing, leaving Dave and Janet alone together, and the exhausted Dave falls asleep. It is three o'clock in the morning by the time Janet returns home. Without waiting for an explanation, Janet's mother slaps her and storms off to bed. Alone with her sympathetic father, Janet reveals that Dave wants to marry her. Mr. Wheeler encourages Janet to accept his proposal if she loves him, even though they will be separated by the war. The next day, Janet telephones Dave from work and is informed that he has checked out of his hotel. After work, however, Dave and Fixit are waiting outside the factory for Janet with an engagement ring. Dave and Janet are quickly married and have a brief honeymoon before Dave must report to San Diego the following morning. Although Janet's family accepts the marriage, Molly advises her that she will forget Dave after he is gone. She then intercepts Dave's letters and telegrams. Later, Dave receives a twenty-four leave and telephones Janet at the factory to join him in San Diego. Having guessed what happened to Dave's letters, Janet tells her family that she will not come back home to live. After Dave leaves again for the war, a pregnant Janet moves in with Cora. Later, Molly's husband Fred returns. Molly confesses her involvement with another man and begs Fred to take her back. When Janet has her baby, a boy, a reunited Molly and Fred visit. Then Cora learns that Dave and Fixit have been wounded. After the men recover, they are sent home. In the meantime, Ellie has become engaged to a soldier; Cal has been reclassified 1-A; and Mrs. Wheeler has grown proud of her son-in-law. Dave sees his son for the first time, and Fixit is happily reunited with Cora.