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The Magical Worlds of Joseph Cornell (1936-1978)

EE.UU.. Experimental. 120 minutos
Título Original: The Magical Worlds of Joseph Cornell
Director: Joseph Cornell, Stan Brakhage, Larry Jordan, Rudy Burkhardt
Formato: DVD  Calidad: DVD
Idioma: Silente   Subtítulos: No
Subgénero: found footage

Antología cinematográfica del artista Joseph Cornell. Incluye los siguientes cortometrajes:

  • Rose Hobart (1936) (19 min)
  • Bookstalls (c. late 1930s) (9 min)
  • Jack’s Dream (made with Larry Jordan) (c. late 1930s) (4 min)
  • Cotillion (made with Larry Jordan) (c. 1938) (8 min)
  • The Midnight Party (made with Larry Jordan) (c. 1938) (4 min)
  • The Aviary (made with Rudy Burkhardt) (1954) (14 min)
  • Centuries of June (made with Stan Brakhage) (1955) (13 min)
  • Angel (made with Rudolph Burckhardt) (1957) (3 min)
  • A Legend for Fountains (made with Rudolph Burckhardt) (1957/1965) (19 min)
  • Nymphlight (made with Rudolph Burckhardt) (1957) (9 min)
  • Cornell 1965 (directed by Larry Jordan) (1978) (7 min)

The films of the reclusive artist Joseph Cornell (1903-1973) are as unique as his famous box constructions. Though rarely exhibited during his lifetime, these mysterious works nonetheless have had a deep and lasting influence on the world of avant-garde filmmaking . His entire body of film numbers some thirty-odd works, encompassing the incomplete and the fragmentary. It can be said that Cornell made two kinds of films in two distinct periods of activity: collage films, made by recombining found materials, and directed films,where he worked with cinematographers (including Stan Brakhage, Rudy Burckhardt and Larry Jordan) to document his fantasy/experience of wandering in New York. -Bradley Eros and Jeanne Liotta