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Cassavetes Íntimo [Criterion Edition] (2000)

EE.UU.. Documental. 200 minutos
Título Original: A Constant Forge
Director: Charles Kiselyak
Intérpretes: John Cassavetes, Gena Rowlands, Ben Gazzara
Formato: DVD  Calidad: DVD
Idioma: Inglés   Subtítulos: Español/Inglés
Subgénero: Historia del cine

Charles Kiselyak’s A Constant Forge—The Life and Art of John Cassavetes is a detailed journey through the career of one of film’s greatest pioneers and iconoclasts. Assembled from candid interviews with Cassavetes’ collaborators and friends, rare photographs, archival footage, and the director’s own words, the film paints a revealing portrait of a man whose fierce love, courage, and dedication changed the face of cinema forever.