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Ken Russell at the BBC (2008)

Reino Unido. Drama. 0 minutos
Título Original: Ken Russell at the BBC
Director: Ken Russell
Formato: DVD  [3 discos] Calidad: DVD
Idioma: Inglés   Subtítulos: Inglés

Boxset de 3 discos con los trabajos realizados por el iconoclasta cineasta Ken Russell para la cadena BBC.

Contents of Disc One:
Elgar - BBC Episode of Monitor, 1962 - 56 mins, black and white
The life and times of the composer Sir Edward Elgar, from his humble beginnings to international fame.

The Debussy Film - BBC Episode of Monitor, 1965 - 82 mins, black and white
A film company shoots a dramatised account of the life of the French composer Claude Debussy. A group of actors follow their daring director as he tries to make sense of Claude Debussy's life.

Always on Sunday - BBC Episode of Monitor, 1965 - 45 mins, black and white
The life of French painter Henri 'Douanier' Rousseau, whose work was constantly misunderstood and ridiculed by those who failed to recognise its originality. Always on Sunday studies how genius is manifest at great cost in Henri Rousseau, after the death of his wife and a friendship with Surrealist colleague, Alfred Jarry.

Disc Extra:
Ken Russell In Conversation (2008) - 30 minutes, color, black and white

Contents of Disc Two:
Isadora Duncan: Biggest Dancer in the World - BBC Episode of Monitor, 1962 - 56 mins, black and white
The eccentric life and bizarre death of the dancer Isadora Duncan.
Dante's Inferno - BBC Episode of Monitor, 1967 - 88 mins, black and white
With his wife sickly and his career stifled, Dante Gabriel Rossetti tries to make a mark with his painting and poetry. Dante’s Inferno (1967) depicts the Pre-Raphaelite set, focusing on Dante Rosetti’s fiery persona and its negative effects on his muse, Elizabeth Siddal.

Disc Extra:
Late Night Line Up: Russell at Work - 30 Minutes 29 seconds, black and white
BBC behind the scenes showcase from the '60s.

Contents of Disc Three:
Song of Summer - BBC Episode of Omnibus, BBC September 15,1968 - 73 mins, black and white
Young music student Eric Fenby gives up five years of his life to helping the blind, paralysed composer Frederick Delius complete his final unfinished scores.