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Andy Warhol Anthology 1: Four Silent Movies (1963-64)

EE.UU.. Experimental. 128 minutos
Título Original: Andy Warhol Anthology 1: Four Silent Movies
Director: Andy Warhol
Intérpretes: Willard Maas, Mario Montez
Formato: DVD  Calidad: DVD
Idioma: Silente   Subtítulos: Inglés

Antología de 4 cortos silentes dirigidos por Andy Warhol. Incluye:

Kiss (1963-64, silent), 34 minutes, 16 mm, B & W
Kiss is a series of 3 1/2 minute silent films of various people kissing. These short films are strung together to make a longer film. There is man & women kissing, women & women, man & man etc...

Blow Job (1963-64, silent), 27 minutes, 16 mm, B & W
Andy Warhol directs a single 35-minute shot of a man's face to capture his facial expressions as he receives the sexual act depicted in the title.

Empire (1964, silent), 61 minutes, 16 mm, B & W
A single shot of the Empire State Building from early evening until nearly 3 am the next day.

Mario Banana 1 + 2 (1964, silent), 7 minutes, 16 mm, colore + B & W
A transvestite, Mario, eats a banana.